FRM Adoption Application

Adoption Application

*You must be at least 21 years of age to apply and adopt*

Before you complete this application, please be sure to seriously consider the commitment of pet ownership.  For Instance:
*  Dogs can live as long as 12-14 years and cats up to 18-20 years
*  Financial Responsibility:  The cost of a medium size dog alone can be as much as $1,000 annually, a cat as much as $600. (includes yearly shots, monthly heartworm preventive, flea/tick prevention, food and treats)
*  Do you have time to housebreak a puppy, scoop litter boxes for a cat and play and exercise your new family member?

If you feel you are not willing to do the things required, including giving the time, energy and love necessary to be a responsible pet owner, then a companion animal may not be for you.


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Name(s) of adopting responsible adult: *
Name(s) of adopting responsible adult:
Home Phone *
Home Phone
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Cell Phone
Physical Address
Do any of these individuals have allergies to pets? *
Do all adults living in the household know you plan to adopt this pet? *
Enviromental Factors
Do you own or rent? *
Do you use monthly heartworm and/or flea tick prevention? *
Veterinarian's information
Do you give PFDC permission to contact your veterinarian? *
References (non-family members)
Current and previous pets (Starting with most current)
Spayed / Neutered:
Spayed / Neutered
Spayed / Neutered
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