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Application for Low Cost Spay or Neuter Program

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Owners Name
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Both my pet and I are residents of Duplin County. *
I will allow up to two weeks to receive the Surgery Approval and I will not schedule the procedure until I have a printed copy of it in my possession. *
I will sign the Surgery Approval prior to the procedure. *
I understand that the Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program is limited to dogs and cats only. *
I understand that the reduced cost is for a routine spay/neuter surgery only. There may be additional costs which is my responsibility to negotiate with the vet. *
I understand that a current rabies vaccination is required. If my pet does not have a current rabies vaccination, I will pay an additional cost for the vaccination on the day of the procedure. *
I understand that each Vet has different requirements so I will check with my Vet before selecting the Vet, e.g. a money deposit or new patient fee. *
I understand that I can only have one pet spay/neuter surgery for this request. *